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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Cocktease Darcy

To give, and to take away. It is one of my biggest jobs as the one in charge of your cock. I will tease you, right to the edge, and sometimes, bring you back — IF I decide to that is. Other times, I may deny you the pleasure of an orgasm for periods of time I decide based on how I’m feeling that day, and on your behavior, of course. Maybe it will just be during that phone call that you won’t be able to cum. Or it may be a few days, or a week, or maybe longer if that is what I determine you need or what I want. There will be moments where the pleasure of my teasing crosses over the line to torture and right back again. It’s a fine line and that’s the fun of tease and denial phone sex!

Your cock, and your pleasure, is all under my control, and you KNOW that you need the guidance of a kinky cocktease to take care of your decisions, which is why you will give your self over to me, every time. The beauty of the tease and denial dance, is that you never know what’s coming next, and I will always keep you wondering, cock at the ready, eager to be told how long, how hard, how many, yes or no, and it will be earth shattering. The Mistress of your cock knows what she’s talking about!