Orgasm Denial Phone Sex

orgasm denialOrgasm denial is something that you both want and very much DON’T want at the same time.  You really do want to cum, but it’s also an incredible turn on to let me tease and tease you and then finally tell you I’ve decided you may not have an orgasm at all.  Absolute torture for you and your cock, but delightfully wicked fun for me!  So hot to listen to you moan and groan and gasp as I tease you, knowing that you have a rigid, hard cock, so full of cum, practically bursting to get out and explode in orgasm, only to be told, right when you are at the edge, that you may not cum today.

I think it’s hard for some guys to believe I will really do this, because I am so sweet, and cute, and young.  So call me and find out for yourself.  Allow me to be your cock Mistress, your cocktease Mistress, who will chat with you on the phone like a regular girl next door, but also will deny you an orgasm so fast, right at the height of pleasure so sweet you can almost taste it, but not quite…. Orgasm denial is such an aching frustration, but you will do it for me, because you want to please me.  And eventually you will find that you are no longer able to orgasm without me telling you to do so.

When it comes to orgasm denial phone sex, I am really just that addictive.  🙂