Your Kinky Fetish Phone Sex Girl

kinky fetish phone sex girl DarcySince I first heard of it, I knew I’d love doing fetish phone sex. Ever since I had boys calling me and asking if they could jack off on the phone with me (because honestly, why wouldn’t they want to?) I’ve always pushed and probed to uncover a guy’s secret fetishes.  Getting to that point lets us cut through the usual inhibitions that get in the way of really hot sex and gets us talking about the kinky sexual turn ons that this fetish girl loves to play with.

When it comes to sex, I’m naturally adventurous and open-minded and I love fetish phone sex because it’s an unrestrained sexual theater of the mind. There’s almost no limit in what’s possible. Even things that you can’t do in the real world, whether for practical reasons or physical impossibilities, are totally fair game in a fetish phone call.   Some people have more simple, straightforward desires but if you’re here and reading this right now, you probably have the kind of imaginative approach to sexuality that enjoys the kinky or naughty or even taboo.

What’s the kinky fetish that gets your cock throbbing? Tease and denial, domination, foot fetish, ass worship, feminization, panty sniffing, smothering, pantyhose, shoes, boots …. ?  Or do you have medical fantasies, or schoolgirl, giantess, spanking, tickling or …?  Even if you have a really unique or unusual fetish or fantasy — those are the often the ones I enjoy exploring most.    I get a kick from the role play, the immersion , the intensity of fetish phone sex.  That’s what makes me wet — that and having a creatively kinky fetish playmate to share them with.  😉